Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Librarians Night

The PLAI-ZamPen conducted a simple gathering of librarians on November 29, 2008. This was held at the Instructional Media Center of Universidad de Zamboanga (Main Campus). The said activity was attended by 18 librarians from the public, school, college and academic libraries in Zamboanga City. To include, following are the librarians who attended the said activity:

1. Florefe B. Apao -ZSCMST Library
2. Emilia R. Natividad -Zamboanga City Library
3. Mila M. Lacson -ADZU High School Library
4. Lynnie M. Calingacion -ADZU Main Library
5. Marcelina C. Asenna -ADZU Main Library
6. Hadja Amlah V. Junairi -WMSU Main Library
7. Pilar A. Basillo -WMSU Main Library
8. Roberta C. Tayo -WMSU-College of Education
9. Pacita T. Salarda -Brent Hospital & College, Inc.
10. Elisa L. Montecillo -MEIN College, Inc.
11. Carmelita T. Agustin -Zamboanga City Library
12. Geraldine C. Chavez -Zamboanga City High School Main
13. Girlie A. Manicap -Regional Trial Court Law Library
14. Virginia S. Ponollera -Zamboanga City High School Main
15. Veronica J. Lepalam -STI College Zamboanga
16. William D. Taala -Universidad de Zamboanga
17. Benhur A. Asid -Southern City Colleges
18. Filoteo B. Franco, Jr.-Universidad de Zamboanga

The program started at exactly 6:20PM. Matters such as the updates of activities, plans and programs for 2009, launching of PLAI-ZamPen Website, and the 2008 Christmas Party were also discussed which was headed by Mr. Benhur A. Asid, President, PLAI-ZamPen. The Program was formally closed at 8:00PM.